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El Tiempo 14 Días is the official app from Tiempo.com, one of the most important weather sites in Spanish. It offers forecasts several days in advance for countries and cities all over the world – more than 20,000 locations just in Spain, and more than 200,000 globally.

From the app's main interface you can choose the cities you want to follow. These will always appear at the left of the screen, so you just have to tap one of them to view all the information about it: temperature, rainfall, daylight hours, humidity, etc.

One of the most interesting features on El Tiempo 14 Días are its super-useful maps. You can find regularly updated satellite images, as well as a map displaying any incident alerts near you.

El Tiempo 14 Días is an excellent weather app that allows you to always be prepared for rain, sun, wind, etc. The app has a really nice interface that adjusts perfectly to mobile phones and tablets.